Horton Plains

Horton Plains, Montane grassland situated in the hill country which is the origin for three main rivers in Sri Lanka. This breathtaking geological masterpiece with vast bio diversity is a habitat for many endemic plants and animals..

Bekers Falls

The charming water fall located in Horton Plains which is a tributary of the “Belihul Oya” has always been the center of attraction, unfairly dragging attention of Horton plains’ visitors.

Worlds End

An incredible creation of Mother Nature where the Horton plain plateau come to an end with a sheer cliff. It is said that on clear days the Indian Ocean is visible to the top of the cliff.

Ambewela farm

With a climate like New Zealand, Ambewela farm is near-at- hand. A famous dairy product manufacturer in Sri Lanka who is a champ in attracting visitors with delicious and fresh off the shell dairy products.

New Zealand farm

New Zealand farm is a part of Ambewela farm situated few meters apart. Being the largest grassland in Sri Lanka is the main reason to attract visitors here.

Kandeela Educational Botanical Garden

As you drive passing Horton place is Kande Ella Educational Botanical Garden, Maintained by the Department of Forest Conservation for educational purpose..

Sri Lankas Highest Railway Station Pattipola

As you passes Horton Plains and drive towards Ambewela, you come across the Sri Lanka’s highest railway station. The Pattipola railway station, another place where you’ll visit without any hesitation.

Kandeela Boat Trip

Kande ela boat trip is a great way to enjoy the beautiful forest and mountains at a slow pace. Sunny clear weather is great for a boat trip, it's still worth it if it's cloudy or drizzling.